Home Theater of Massachusetts (HTMA) is a one stop shop designed to help our clients build their dream Home Theater or Man Cave. We have teamed up with AcousticSmart to bring you the very best in Home Theater design and Acoustics. Our goal at HTMA is simple, to provide individually tailored high end Audio/Video and Entertainment solutions to our clients, at prices that will fit any budget.

We offer a full range of Products:

  • HD and 3D Projectors
  • Flat Panel TV’s
  • Remote Controls
  • Power Supply
  • A/V Amplifiers
  • Equipment Racks
  • Home Theater Design
  • Installation
  • Custom Surround Sound
  • Whole Home Integration
  • Cables and Interconnects
  • Professional ISF Calibration

Our Team

HTMA Founder & Lead Designer

Robert Goldman, owner and founder of Home Theater of MA, has been helping clients achieve their dreams since 2007. Robert focuses on creating the ultimate experience in each home.

Professional Calibration

Jim Doolittle, our professional calibrator, is THE leader in the field of professional ISF calibration. If you want to get the beautiful picture your TV is capable of, you cannot rely on the factory settings.

Our Partners


Together with AcousticSmart, HTMA develops fully engineered basement designs, complete with CAD drawings, with exact placement for equipment, acoustic panels, risers, etc. Learn more about Acousticsmart custom theaters – made just for you!

Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations creates high end projections with cutting edge Black Diamond™ technology that allows for projection in light or dark rooms! Learn more about Screen Innovations amazing two piece projection technology.

Our Featured Brands

We are proud to bring the premier audio/video, poker, and man cave products in the industry to our customers. Learn more about our authorized lines.